Letter to The Economist: Fighting as a collective front

Dear The Economist,

In your editorial Saturday, July 15, titled “Most people addicted to opioids receive no treatment” you make a number of excellent points regarding the many barriers preventing effective responses to the opioid epidemic. At CleanSlate Centers, a national medical group specializing in outpatient treatment for opioid and alcohol addictions, we are working hard to address the incredible need for expanded access to treatment and to fight the stigmas that often stand in the way.

We know the fight against the opioid epidemic requires a coordinated and collective front. We’ve seen this model work across the country, and we’re excited to continue utilizing our experiences from treating more than 6,000 active patients across the country to help our patients succeed in their journeys to recovery.

As part of our commitment to serving the broad spectrum of patients in need of effective treatment, we have proudly formed partnerships with major health insurance providers – and will gladly work with all others – in each state we practice, as well as local mental health, primary care and emergency care providers in the communities we serve. Partnerships like these have helped us treat nearly 20,000 patients since opening our first few centers in 2009, and we are passionate about expanding access further. We, collectively, must act quickly to beat back this indiscriminate disease by creating access, leveraging evidence-based treatment protocols and fostering innovative responses to this national health emergency.

CleanSlate calls on our great partners around the country to ensure all people suffering from the disease of addiction are able to get the kind of treatment that allows them to achieve the lives they want and deserve. We look forward to working together to create further access and affect real change in our communities.

Thank you, again, for continuing to elevate this incredibly important issue with your readership.


Gregory C. Marotta
President and CEO
CleanSlate Centers

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