Introduction from CleanSlate CEO Greg Marotta

Welcome to, a blog created by CleanSlate Centers to feature news, commentary and conversations related to the treatment of opioid addiction in America.

We’ve launched this blog to serve as a gathering place for those seeking to learn more, exchange ideas and stay up-to-date on the collective effort to fight addiction across the United States. In addition to the latest CleanSlate news and perspectives, we will share stories and content from other organizations making an impact on the opioid epidemic. Although this month is recognized as Recovery Month, we hope this site will serve as a reminder that recovery is a journey taking place every day for thousands of individuals.

We want to share these perspectives and experiences in one place because we believe there needs to be a broader conversation about addiction in this country. At CleanSlate, we treat opioid and alcohol use disorders as chronic diseases which affect people across all socio-economic, racial, ethnic, geographic and gender boundaries. And we believe in using medication for addiction treatment. This proven approach includes a medical assessment, properly prescribed medication and supportive care to help patients achieve the lives they deserve.

But as much as we believe in our approach and its basis in sound science and medicine, we’re not naive enough to think we have the silver bullet solution for those struggling with addiction. One size fits does not fit all when it comes to addiction treatment. For each unique patient, there is a unique path forward. As medical professionals, we know that it is not easy for anyone to manage a chronic disorder. We want to help each individual get the medical, psychological, social, and spiritual assistance they need to move forward. For some, that includes a strong emphasis on spiritual or faith-based support. For others, other types of social and peer supports are a better fit. Some will need inpatient treatment, intensive counseling services, and more.

Our experience, and indeed the scope of the epidemic itself, leads us to believe that the islands that have historically dominated addiction treatment policy and programs must be bridged so that we can all work together to have a meaningful impact.

Our hope for this blog is to spread hope, bring together those fighting addiction, and help end the stigma that has too long followed this disease. Respect and Compassion Always is one of our organization’s core values. It’s how we treat all our patients, and it’s how we believe everyone should be treated – regardless of their journey.

Thanks again for visiting. We look forward to leading this conversation together.

Gregory C. Marotta
President & CEO
CleanSlate Centers

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